The companies we assist are mainly leading companies, well aware of the necessity to maximize their management in all sectors, in order to grow in a more and more restrictive and competitive economical context. Most of them give more importance to trusting relationships, to a continuous quality of the services required, to the promptness and efficiency of interventions. Our Firm aims at fulfilling all these requirements and at offering a total availability in order to give a complete response to all problems that companies have to face in their day-by-day business.



Studio CASSINIS mainly works in the field of taxation and offers advice and assistance services for any matter related to taxes and tax litigation. Moreover, it is able to assist its clients, without any linguistic barrier, for any question related to international taxation, from tax planning to VAT issues, and to support its clients in any kind of corporate operation. In addition, for several years, Studio CASSINIS has been specialized in the field of sport’s rights and tax, through the development of an expertise in a complex and particular sector where just a few professionals are dealing with. Finally, Studio CASSINIS’s competences extend to all matters regarding civil law and contracts.