La partecipazione alle gare d’appalto nell’Unione Europea ed in Svizzera

The regulation of public procurement is facing important transformations, both at an European and National levels, also due to the deadline for the transposition of the European Directives of 2014 by Members States, fixed on April 18th 2016.

The Convention held in Turin last 20 May 2016, organized by Studio CASSINIS, La Boétie and LRF, as members of the European Network TRA (Tax Representative Alliance), in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Turin and with the International Trade Center (GREX) of the Chamber of Commerce of Grenoble, was the opportunity for an update about the evolution of the legislations on Public Procurement at European Union level, with focus on France and Italy, compared with the specificities of Switzerland legislation, and to face the most important legal and tax issues associated to the participation to Public Procurements abroad.


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